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From the Desk of Brad Dubbs

Parents and Students,

A tremendous thanks goes to all of the parent and student volunteers who made this year's Albuquerque/UNM Jazz Festival a great success!  Christy Trussell did a great job of chairing the event this year.  Thank you to the MANY parents who worked in the office, generate certificates, compile judge comments, sent out recordings/judges comments, helped get meals for judges, sold concessions and apparel, monitored student workers, took care of the financial aspects, set up rooms, and made snack donations!  You all played a very important part in making sure this event ran well.

I want to thank Mr. Sanks and Mr. Kostur for their assistance in organizing the festival.  Many hours of emails, meetings, phone calls, etc. between the three of us took place in organizing and communicating information with all of the directors, adjudicators, and guest artists.  It was another positive collaboration with the Department of Jazz Studies at UNM.

Although they may not see this message, I would like to thank my colleagues in the music department for rearranging their schedules and putting their normal routine on hold for this festival.  Thank you Mr. Snowden, Mr. Raison, Mrs. Rossignol, and Mrs. Stefanova!

We must of course thank our terrific administration and staff members for supporting this event.  We could not do any of this without them.

Finally, a big thank you to our students!  I received numerous comments on how polite and helpful our students were to those who participated and visited our school.  Our students always go above and beyond what is asked and are instrumental in the success of the festival.  Thank you all very much!

Our jazz bands performed very well and should all feel good about their performances.  Congratulations again to the following students for being recognized at the evening concert:

Insun Blemel, outstanding high school guitarist

Alex Kaltenbach, outstanding high school vibraphonist

Cole Sinanian, outstanding high school soloist

Great job to all of our student performers!

Here is what is up next.....

*February 28 - Pre Festival Concert, 6:00pm at EHS.  (REQUIRED FOR ALL BAND STUDENTS) EHS Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Eisenhower Symphonic Band, Jackson Symphonic Band, and Hoover Symphonic Band will all be performing.  Students will report by 5:30pm and must stay to watch all groups.  We will have some terrific directors there making comments on our performance to help us improve as we get closer to our district band festival next month.

*March 9 - Wind Ensemble students will be excused from their 5th period classes, as they will be performing for and listening to a guest band from Long Island, NY in the PAC. Our boosters will then be feeding both groups pizza for lunch.

*March 13 - CONCERT BAND performance at District Festival.  More details will be posted soon.  Time frame is from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.  Students will be bused to and from La Cueva HS for this event.

*March 14 - WIND ENSEMBLE and SYMPHONIC BAND performance at District Festival.  Time frame will be 3:30pm to 8:00pm.  Students will be bused to and from La Cueva HS for this event.

*March 16 - EHS Winterguard Invitational in the gym.  We will need many student and parent volunteers to help run this event.  Lettering points will be available for helping.  Details will be posted and sent out soon.  Time frame is approximately 3:30pm to 9:00pm.  Volunteering for this event is a great lettering point opportunity.

*March 17 - EHS Mattress Fundraiser in the music building.  Details about this event will be sent out very soon.  This will be a fantastic and EASY way for our program to earn money.

A couple of other things....

*We may be asked to play at one or more basketball playoff games.  Stay tuned for that possible announcement.

* Jazz band audition material for next year will be posted in early March.  Auditions will be held in early April.  If a student put jazz band on his/her registration card, they will know after the audition whether or not they will be placed in one of those classes.  Lists will be sent to counselors at that point and students will of course be notified if they are selected.

*Sign ups will be out soon for solo and ensemble.  This event will take place on April 14 at Highland High School.  REMEMBER, Music Mart is going out of business on Feb. 28 and now would be a great time to go find some music for this event.

*We will continue to have percussion clinics on Wednesday evenings as we prepare for our drumline and pit auditions.

*We will have information out after spring break for those interested in being considered for section leaders and officers in the fall.

Have a great week!  Thank you all again for your support.

Mr. Dubbs

Schedule This Week

This week:


Jazz 3 after school

Percussion and Winterguard from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Normal zero hour schedule for students this week.