Board Nominations for 2018- 2019

It's time to vote for Band Booster Board offers.  Please send your nominations to one of the following nomination committee members.  The nomination committee consists of Andrew/BJ Drexler (ehsbandboosterpresident@gmail.com), Erica Manteufel (ehsbandboosteruniforms@gmail.com), JP Bowdoin (ehsbandboostervicepresident@gmail.com), Richard Garcia (garcia.richard@comcast.net) and Amy Allen (amyallen2001@gmail.com).

Our open positions are Secretary, Co-VP and President. Any position is wide open for nomination with the exception of President.  Per our by-laws, nominees for President shall have served as an Board member prior to becoming the Board President.

We will be voting in offers on April 17th at the beginning of the Mandatory Parent Meeting. 

Executive Board Officers

President, Andy Drexler   505-553-2230                         ehsbandboosterpresident@gmail.com
BJ Drexler       505-296-7431                                                ehsbandboosterpresident@gmail.com

Co-Vice President, JP Bowdoin  505-331-2927               ehsbandboostervicepresident@gmail.com
Co Vice President, Suzi Galetti    505-681-8570             ehsbandboostervicepresident@gmail.com

Secretary, Susan Bowdoin 505-331-2927                        ehsbandboostersecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer, David Griswold  505-235-0180                      ehsbandtreasurer@gmail.com

Fundraising, Melissa Fylnn  505-918-7039                     ehsbandboosterfundraising@gmail.com

Uniforms, Erica Manteufel  505-550-2619                       ehsbandboosteruniforms@gmail.com

Committee Chairpersons

Flea Market:

Cheri Greenwood  505-293-9146                                        chergreenwood@msn.com
Andy Greenwood 505-293-9146                                         andrewgrnwd@gmail.com

Food and Fun,  OPEN

Pageant of Bands:

Patty Dixon 505-296-2107                                                    pldixon@outlook.com
Tr acey Dowding  505-856-5119                                         tdowding001@yahoo.com
Jenney Alvis

Jazz Festival, Melissa McCarthy 505-275-2431               melmcc87@yahoo.com

Drinks  OPEN

Pit Crew / Truck, Ross Davis  505-294-1378                    davisross23@gmail.com

March-a-thon, Andy Drexler 505-553-2230                     ehsbandboosterpresident@gmail.com

Eisenhower Liaison, OPEN

Hoover Liaison,  Melissa Bruney 937-417-8576             melissa.bruney@yahoo.com

Color Guard Representative:
Ellen Genne  505-280-1115                                                   ellengenne@gmail.com
Vanessa Kramis   505-239-3743                                           v_batche@yahoo.com

Concert Programs  OPEN

Webmaster, Georgia Montoya  505-681-1030                 gmm@onesolutiongroup.com

Band Year Book, Lori & Zac VanNote  505-831-0897     lori@creativefuel.org

Spirit Wear, Marti Johns      505-401-8101                        johnsdm619@gmail.com

Squirt Bottles, Nicole Kelley

Hydromeister,  OPEN

Hydration Specialist OPEN

Newsletter/PR, Lori and Zac VanNote   505-831-0897    lori@creativefuel.org